If I just had one of those days where the only thing left for me to do was pour a hot bath with my favorite scented bubbles, fill the room with candles and just breathe, then there's one artist that totally fits the calming, relaxation bill to a T: Norah Jones.

Who else has a voice that sounds like slowly melting chocolate?

Who else can sweetly croon away my stresses and worries of the day with a song like "Come Away With Me?"

Amid the "more is more" philosophy that has taken over the music industry, Jones made music soothing to the soul — without all the "extras" that pop music is all gung-ho for.

I love that Jones writes such sweet yet complex melodies. I love her ability to sit at a piano bench and, even though she's not facing the audience, completely have command over a room.

She has the ability to create an inviting feeling of warmth and nostalgia.

My husband and I attended one of her concerts at the USANA Amphitheater a few years back. I remember a huge Persian rug spread across the entire stage. I remember hundreds of electric candles dancing softly to the smooth strains of her music.

I remember Jones cracking jokes and me being somewhat surprised by her quirky stage persona — and not at all surprised that her live performance sounded better than her record.

And while her more recent albums have picked up the pace a bit and added a touch more of a "coffee house cool" vibe, she stills remains true to her signature sweet sound.

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Her music always stirs up fond memories for me, such as dancing with my husband.

I always seem to breathe a huge sigh when I listen to her music … and that's what I love about Norah Jones.

Carmen Rasmusen Herbert is a former "American Idol" contestant and writes about entertainment for the Deseret News.