Beyond exercise: Yoga can be a spiritual experience for all faiths

Published: Friday, Dec. 30 2011 5:00 a.m. MST

However, there are still some individuals who believe yoga is too deeply imbued with eastern religious beliefs to be safely practiced. Catholic leadership has expressed concern with practices such as yoga or Zen, worried that members may unknowingly blend "Eastern mysticism … with their Christian faith" and end up "in a syncretic mess — perhaps not the portal of hell, but not good for one's Christian spiritual growth either," writes Dan Connors, editor-in-chief of Catholic Digest: The Magazine for Catholic Living.

Roth has heard such fears, but they don't bother her anymore. To her, yoga done by a Christian becomes Christian yoga because of that person's foundation.

"You could call it Jewish yoga if it was a Jewish person doing it," she said. "What I found in yoga was the Christian God as I know God through Christ."


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