HONOLULU — An infant's ashes that were stolen from a Hawaii home have been found at a beach and returned to the baby's mother.

Honolulu police say a woman found the plastic bag containing the remains of Leimomi Kahele's five-day-old son, who died in 2004, while walking on the beach Thursday.

The bag was perched on the bottom step of some stairs leading to the beach. It was protected from waves and nestled near a photo album that also was taken during the break-in at Kahele's home.

The 25-year-old Kahele said Friday she thinks the careful positioning of the remains shows the burglar "knew what they did was wrong" and wanted to return the ashes.

Kahele's house was ransacked during the burglary Wednesday. The urn carrying the ashes was stolen, along with some cash, a DVD player and other belongings.

Police are still investigating.