Delany OK with no AQ, as long as Big Ten has Rose

By Ralph D. Russo

Associated Press

Published: Thursday, Dec. 8 2011 1:13 p.m. MST

Swofford said he thinks college football's leaders are more open to changes in the BCS than ever before, and he still supports a plus-one.

"Two more teams would have the opportunity to play for the national championship. It wouldn't eliminate the controversy. It's a mini-playoff which concerns people, because that can be a slippery slope if you look at the history of the NCAA and its playoffs. They start with one number and they very quickly grow to larger numbers, and that bothers people.

"I think there could be more support for it if there were a way to assure some people that it would be contained as a plus-one."

Count Delany and Swarbrick among those who fear that slippery slope.

"That's what happened in I-AA (football). It's what happened in the (NCAA) basketball tournament. It's what would inevitably happen here,' Delany said. "I don't necessarily think the slippery slope is theoretical. I think the slippery slope is practical."

Notre Dame, a football independent, also has a vote in the BCS negotiations.

Swarbrick said he's "not a fan of the plus-one."

"I think there is momentum for change," he said. "I'm probably a little less certain than Bob (Bowlsby) of the form of the change."

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