I continue to be a fan of Bob Bennett, but there is one error of commission in his recent column ("The health hazards of unemployment," Nov. 21) regarding President Obama's objection to the new Canadian-U.S. pipeline.

Obama didn't just object to the pipeline on environmental grounds. He reflected on local and state objections that the pipeline, as routed, puts a major water supply in jeopardy.

That is a much more compelling argument to those in the affected area, and we need to be sensitive to their concerns. Here in the Wasatch, too, all of our federal legislators (except Rep. Jim Matheson) have agreed to turn over critical Salt Lake Valley watershed to private developers without considering how vital water is to almost half of Utah's population.

There is a difference between debating unemployment vs. commerce and favoring commerce over our very survival. When safe water is at stake, it must be protected, or the economic consequences are immeasurable.

Stan Rosenzweig

Cottonwood Heights