Commenting on Lee Benson's great, recent column, right on Lee! Thanks for nothing Derek Fisher! Being a business person myself, I feel we need to get creative. I think all NBA owners should make all players free agents right now.

I would have a try out for anyone in every franchise city (American Idol format) thus hiring new local players, who really want to play the game. All salaries should be $500,000 per player per year (a very good living). If they make the playoffs, double their salary; if they win it all, triple their salary.

For the important fan base, make the tickets affordable like $10, $20, $30 and on up, with a family pass. Pack the arenas, and watch players perform who really want to be there. A win, win for everybody.

It could be a new stimulus package, or a new reality show. Let the prima donnas go to Europe and battle it out; no one here will miss them — especially the likes of Derek Fisher.

Susan Wright