College radio going strong

Published: Saturday, Nov. 12 2011 11:49 p.m. MST

"I like talking to bands, and every time I talk to bands they say 'This is the greatest thing ever,'" Huey said. "I almost feel like I'm saving the Indie world or something. A really cool thing is getting a good response from people."

The station is only available online for now, but Huey and Collyer are looking add more content and listeners by subsidizing and promoting band recordings.

"I really think it is important just because so much in the radio industry is being controlled by the record industry," Huey said. "It's really easy to produce really good content, but it's really hard for the small guy to get his voice out there."

Collyer said he appreciates the alternative value the station provides and advises all students to find a venue to express their creative side outside of school.

"Express yourself," Collyer said. "It doesn't matter how you do it. Use the skills you are learning to create something beyond the scope of the classroom. The world is our campus, but I feel too often that the campus becomes our world."

For K-UTE's Anderson, she said there are more listeners than ever of the station and feels that college radio stations can be the heart of a town.

She also said she likes that the station provides an independent voice for the community.

"That's the wonderful medium of radio," she said. "There's a difference in printing something."


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