Capsule reviews of movies playing in Utah

Published: Thursday, Oct. 20 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

REAL STEEL — A washed-up robot fighter teams up with his recently discovered 11-year-old son to train a robot with potential to win. 127 minutes; PG-13 (some violence, intense action and brief language); Doug Wright, KSL: ★★★

RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES — A genetic engineering experiment leads to a war between humans and apes. 105 minutes; PG-13 (violence, terror, some sexuality and brief strong language); Larry Curtis, Deseret News: ★★★

SARAH'S KEY — An American journalist (Kristin Scott Thomas) travels to France to research the 1942 Vel' d'Hiv Roundup. 111 minutes; PG-13 (thematic material including disturbing situations involving the Holocaust); (Broadway); Moira Macdonald, The Seattle Times: ★★1/2

SENNA — This documentary tells the story of Brazilian race car driver Ayrton Senna before his death at age 34. 106 minutes; PG-13 (some strong language and disturbing images); (Broadway); Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune: ★★★

THE SMURFS — The evil wizard Gargamel forces the Smurfs from their village into New York City. 86 minutes; PG (some mild rude humor and action); Blair Howell, for the Deseret News: ★

SPY KIDS: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD — A retired spy brings her stepchildren into the world of being a secret agent when she is called to stop the Timekeeper's evil plan to take over the world. 89 minutes; PG (mild action, rude humor); Roger Moore, The Orlando Sentinel: ★½

THE THING — A group of researchers in Antarctica discover an extraterrestrial ship buried in the ice and accidentally unleash a shape-shifting creature. 103 minutes; R (strong creature violence and gore, disturbing images, and language); Roger Moore, The Orlando Sentinel: ★1/2

TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL — Two men go on vacation to a backwoods cabin where a group of college students mistake them for murderous hillbillies. 89 minutes; R (bloody horror violence, language and brief nudity); (Tower); Roger Moore, The Orlando Sentinel: ★1/2

WARRIOR — A son returns home to receive training from his father for a mixed martial arts tournament and is forced to fight against his brother. 139 minutes; PG-13 (sequences of intense mixed martial arts fighting, some language and thematic material); Roger Moore, The Orlando Sentinel: ★★★

WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? — A woman fears she may be alone forever and decides to search for her best "ex," hoping one of them could be her true love. 106 minutes; R (sexual content and language); Doug Wright, KSL: ★★

ZOOKEEPER — In order to prevent their beloved caretaker (Kevin James) from leaving for another job, the animals at the Franklin Park Zoo break their silence to help him find true love. 104 minutes; PG (some rude and suggestive humor, and language); Travis Poppleton, for the Deseret News: ★