Dick Harmon: Is BYU really headed to the Big 12?

Published: Wednesday, Oct. 19 2011 7:39 p.m. MDT

Holmoe knows big stages. He's been in Super Bowls, spent blood and treasure at the highest level of the game, right next to Ronnie Lott and George Seifert. It's in his DNA.

Advancement vice president Worthen, one of the brightest men to ever come out of Carbon County, was clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White, a Fulbright Scholar and dean of a law school.

Samuelson is a medical doctor who has held the life of patients in his hands.

These guys know how to weigh the stakes and understand what tips the scales.

For months, they've been battling to deliver something that protects BYU and is in the best long-term interest of its athletic program, student athletes, staff and yes, fans.

Ask any Mountain West Conference president how passionate Samuelson is about protecting BYU's brand. You'd be surprised at the answer, how vehement Samuelson was with issues in the MWC after being misled and even lied to.

I'll simply say, this trio isn't going to repeat that experience in days, weeks or months to come.

Independence or Big 12?

If this trio were to talk more, I'd bet they'd say: If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

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