Mitt Romney's remarks at the Values Voters Summit

Published: Saturday, Oct. 8 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

Republican presidential candidate former Governor Mitt Romney, left, greets the crowd after delivering his remarks at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, Saturday, Oct. 8, 2011. For the cultural conservatives at the summit, who care deeply about abortion, gay marriage and other social issues, pocketbook issues seem to matter more this year than pulpit preaching, and at least some are willing to embrace Romney, who many have long looked at skeptically for his reversals on some of their priorities and his Mormon faith.

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Ive been coming to this event for six years, and this is the biggest crowd yet. For that I suppose we should acknowledge President Obama. He's the conservative movements top recruiter. Turns out, he really is a great community organizer. Although, I dont think we were the community he had in mind.

In almost every other way, President Obama has been a failure.

He faced a recession and he made it worse. He announced a recovery summer; a year and a half later, were still waiting. 25 million Americans out of work or out of hope. Chronic unemployment is worse than at any time in recorded history. Home values and retirement funds have been devastated.

And all this didnt come cheap. In one term, he will have nearly amassed more debt than all our prior presidents combined. We needed stability and solvency but we got Solyndra.

President Obama likes to remind us of what he inherited, with one glaring exception: he forgets to mention that he also inherited a triple A bond rating.

But now the American people are starting to do some downgrading of their own.

Last November, and in special elections since then, Americans have rejected the Presidents agenda. Just after his inauguration, he told the Today Show that if he couldn't turn the economy around in three years, he would be looking at a one-term proposition. Well, we're here to collect!

The President has just unveiled his latest jobs stimulus, and hes furious that we arent enthusiastic. But Mr. President, we remember your last stimulus, the one you promised would hold unemployment below 8 percent. It ended up costing over a quarter of a million dollars for every job you said it saved or created. A quarter of a million dollars! And we remember your cash for clunkers program; that ended up costing $24,000 for every car. At the rate youre handing out government money, every American will end up having to pay your millionaires tax!

President Obama has proved that maxim from Ronald Reagan — its not that liberals are ignorant, its that what they know is wrong!

You see, I think that to be able to create jobs, it helps to have had a job!

I spent my career in the private sector. I've met a payroll, and signed the front, as well as the back, of a payroll check. Ive actually saved jobs and created jobs.

And I know what it takes to get America back to work.

Let me tell you some of the highlights of what I will do.

Beginning on day one of my presidency, I will take bold action to help grow our economy and create jobs.

I will issue an executive order that directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to grant a waiver from "Obamacare" to all 50 states. Obamacare is a wolf in wolfs clothing — its expensive, intrusive and unconstitutional. And that is why I will fight to repeal it.

I will put an end to the job-killing regulations imposed by the Obama administration.

I will open production of energy across the country. Ill remove the barriers to developing our coal, oil, and natural gas resources. I welcome renewable energy. But as an old venture capitalist myself, I can tell you this — there will be no more Solyndras!

I will promote free trade and open markets. And, for stealing our designs, patents and know-how, and for manipulating their currency to unfairly attack our industries and our jobs, I will finally clamp down on China.

I will protect the right of American workers to vote by secret ballot. And I will fight to stop union bosses from using the dues of their union members to support those bosses' favorite campaigns.

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