Carl Lewis faces uphill political race

By Angela Delli Santi

Associated Press

Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 2:21 p.m. MDT

"Some of the cuts we've had to make, some of the votes I've had to take have not been easy," she said.

Lewis said he's tired of hearing politicians lie about lowering taxes.

"They need to stop being dishonest and saying, 'I'm going to cut taxes.' That's such a tag line. Saying 'I'm going to lower taxes' is just like saying 'kids are overweight.' Everyone says it, but who's actually doing something about it?"

Lewis comes from a politically active family, and says this feels like the right time for him to enter politics.

"We need to create new ideas, new jobs for a new economy," he says, infusing the conversation with sports metaphors and rich Olympic memories.

His parents, both teachers, knew Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and were involved in the civil rights movement. He says he owes his passion for education — and his desire to enter public service — to them.

"I'm not running for state Senate because I wanted to become a politician," Lewis said in his first public comments after the appeals panel ruled in his favor. "I'm running because I wanted to serve."

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