Jon Huntsman Jr. and his wife, Mary Kaye, will appear Oct. 6 on the popular daytime television show "The View."

Reporting for ABC News, Sarah Kunin notes the back-story to this booking: in an Aug. 4 Politico article, an internal campaign source attributed the following quotation to Mary Kaye: "Why isn't (Huntsman) on any of the talk shows yet? Why isn't he on 'The View?' "

Kunin also notes that "The View" inviting a politician to appear is essentially red-carpet treatment associated with the likes of Pres. Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Huntsman, however, did not receive any such consideration in being left off the list of participants for the Labor Day forum for Republican presidential candidates hosted by Sen. Jim DeMint in South Carolina. ABC News reports Huntsman sounded "less than thrilled about (his) exclusion," the result of his failing to meet a five-percent threshold in polling for GOP presidential hopefuls.

"If you look at the race, already over the last several months we've had three or four frontrunners on the Republican side," Huntsman said to ABC. "I'm here to tell you, we're going to have new Republican frontrunners in the months to come. … There is no well-defined and well-established frontrunner. There are some people with name recognition, there are some people with temporary numbers, but this is a long slog, this is a marathon."

Huntsman will participate in the Republican debate scheduled for Thursday at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif.

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