Nature unleashed its fury this month – and we're not talking about Hurricane Irene.

St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday was doing his job last week when a flying moth lodged in his ear. The team trainer attempted to scare it out with a flashlight, to no avail. Eventually he used an instrument to remove the dusty insect.

Also last week, an Arkansas high school football player felt something strange in his helmet, only to discover it was a snake.

Earlier this month, Ute linebacker Brian Blechen had to miss a practice after a bee flew in his mouth and stung him.

This just in: MLB and the Pac-12 are looking into airing selected games on Animal Planet.


Hurricane Irene scared away all but 347 fans at the Marlins game last Saturday.

The other 24 went shopping.


Among the practice rituals the Ute football team is using this year is to walk en masse into the locker room, then back out.

No truth to the rumor they get four credit hours for doing it.


Twitter posting by TheBillWalton (not the actual Bill Walton) regarding the film "Cowboys and Aliens": "I'm shocked Hollywood made a buddy cop movie starring Karl Malone & Sam Cassell."


The Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, Wis. received Vatican approval last winter to designate a nearby spot as the site of a Virgin Mary apparition.

In 1859 a nun said she had a vision.

Rock On is just happy to learn there was a time when Wisconsinites worshipped something besides the Packers.


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Actor Charlie Sheen recently admitted taking steroids for a few weeks to better authenticate his performance as a pitcher "Wild Thing" Vaughn in "Major League."

He claimed his fastball jumped from 79 mph to 85. So now we know steroids really do enhance performance.

In that case, how come he didn't win an Oscar?


Dwight Perry, Seattle Times, on football players at Oregon State who were suspended after being cited for furnishing alcohol to minors at a party: "Apparently they confused the new Pac-12 with a 12-pack."


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