Warren Jeffs: God demands judge's removal

By Will Weissert

Associated Press

Published: Monday, Aug. 1 2011 1:24 p.m. MDT

Jeffs went through seven attorneys in the six months leading up to the trial, firing his last defense team just as opening statements were to begin. He refused to give an opening statement and initially sat silently while prosecutors presented their case. But he changed course with Friday's hourlong defense of polygamy, and ever since, when prosecutors enter a new item into evidence, he stands and objects that his religious freedoms are being trampled.

"This proceeding is unjust and against an innocent people being derided by the public," Jeff said Monday. "There is taking place an action that cannot be undone."

Prosecutors usually ignore his objections, and let Walther overrule them. But lead prosecutor Eric Nichols finally responded, "this is not a proceeding against a people. This is a proceeding against an individual named Warren Steed Jeffs."

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