About Utah: Nothing meek about this high road

Published: Monday, Feb. 7 2011 1:30 a.m. MST

"Two weeks into the Rwandan genocide in 1995, President Clinton's National Security Advisor Anthony Lake told a human rights worker, 'Make more noise!' He said the phones weren't ringing and without a manifestation of Americans caring about the genocide, intervention to stop it would not occur. No one in the U.S. made noise, phone calls weren't made — and 800,000 people were butchered in 100 days."

Says Rocky, "I'm making more noise now than I ever did when I was quote unquote on the inside."

He's not getting paid — hopefully that's only temporary — but that's OK. He is raising his voice. He is sticking up for human rights.

"I just can't see how anyone can sit back and say it's not their business," he says. "That's something I don't understand."

To donate, join, or learn more about High Road for Human Rights, go to www.highroadforhumanrights.org.

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