About Utah: Wasatch Academy boasts international flavor

Published: Friday, Feb. 4 2011 1:21 a.m. MST

If it's true that the best place to coach is an orphanage, that means coach Morgan has found the next best thing. The players' parents care — no one could argue that when tuition is $41K — but they're not here. It's a long way from Mali.

"It's really a perfect job," says Morgan, a former college player who won a state championship coaching high school ball in Alaska before working as an assistant coach at Emory College in Atlanta. "This school is a hidden gem, one of the top boarding schools in America, we get kids who want to come to America for a really good education and prepare for college, and . . .


". . . no parents who think their kids might be more talented than they really are constantly looking over your shoulder."

That's more than enough to negate the language barrier.

Besides, the coach has found a language everyone understands.

"When I yell," he says, "everybody listens. When my voice goes from a 2 to a 10, they know something's not right and we need to start picking it up. It doesn't matter what language you use. They get the message."

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