Martin MacNeill: Was his wife Michele's death accidental or was it murder?

Published: Saturday, Dec. 4 2010 3:00 p.m. MST

"This is the first time that anybody has put a timeline on this guy and has seen everything that has been going on with him for 30 years," said prosecutor Fojkt.

Daughter abandoned?

Alexis said her dad told her in July 2007 to accompany one of her adopted siblings, 16-year-old Giselle, back to Ukraine for the summer to visit her biological sister, and if she didn't, she couldn't see her younger siblings again.

She was also instructed by her father to keep Giselle's U.S. passport because "Giselle may lose it," he told her.

Family members and even Fojkt with the U.S. Attorney's Office now believe the trip was to be permanent and a ploy to steal Giselle's identity.

"He knew he was plotting and planning (to steal her identity)," Fojkt said.

Despite Martin's reticence, family members were finally able to reach Giselle through a translator they had worked with during the initial adoption.

Giselle had been trying to reach her father for many months and did not have any money for food or school for several months, Alexis said.

Earlier this year, Giselle was released from a structured foster home after dealing with everything that happened to her while she was there, Cluff said.

Shortly after taking Giselle to Ukraine, Alexis said her father sent a text message to all the older siblings and told them he was giving away their youngest sisters, who had also been a part of the family for five years, to old family friends in California — a family Alexis said she had only seen once in the past 16 years.

Alexis now has custody of the three youngest children (ages 9, 16 and 17), and she and Rachel had been taking care of the kids until this summer when Alexis was married and Rachel moved to California. Alexis, who is in her first year of residency, said she has never received any money from her dad to help with the three girls.

Alexis changed her last name to her mother's maiden name, because she said she doesn't want to be known as another "Dr. MacNeill."

Martin's daughter also complained that her father didn't put a gravestone marker on their mother's grave for more than a year after she died. He wouldn't let anyone else in the family put one up either. After complaining to his lawyer about it and to the court as she was trying to get custody of her three younger siblings, Alexis said Cluff found him one day creating his own gravestone out of concrete he mixed.

The stone is about 6 feet tall and Alexis said it looks like a surfboard. She said she is not sure why her dad did it, but she assumes it was to save money. Many people complained to Highland Cemetery about what Alexis called an "eyesore" and Martin finally put a plaque on the outside of it several months later. Alexis and Cluff wish they could just replace it with a normal gravestone.

Sexual predator?

Since her mother's death, Rachel has received dozens of phone calls from people who say her father hurt them. Many women have called to say Martin either propositioned them, had sexual relations with them or raped them.

Some have cried on the phone to her for hours.

"It's horrifying to hear their stories and how their life has been affected by my dad," Rachel said. "He really knew who he could take advantage of. I thought I had an idea of who my father was, but I had no idea. The father that I knew was a fictional character. It was an act the whole time."

One of the women from their LDS ward told Rachel she was propositioned by Martin over the Internet. Another man said he witnessed Martin raping someone years ago when Rachel was still a toddler.

Rachel wishes these people would had come forward earlier, because she believes her mother would have left him. "To think if my mom would've known, her life would've been saved."

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