Rivalry shouldn't bring out the worst in fans

Published: Monday, Nov. 22 2010 11:34 p.m. MST

Remember the game is for entertainment and a time to shed stress, not gain more by being hostile toward the opposing team, coaches and fans

Root for your team, don't denigrate the other team

Use appropriate, respectful language

If you go with a child, look for opportunities to teach him or her about appropriate and inappropriate behavior

When confronted by a hostile fan, politely state the problem as you see it, inform them about how their behavior affects you and then gently request a change of behavior

See the competition as a game, not a battle or war

If someone around you is being unruly, work together with other fans to encourage proper behavior. Peer pressure may help curb inappropriate language and actions.

If you know you can't handle your emotions at the game, consider staying home and watching it on television

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