'He was a great deceiver,' Wanda Barzee says of her husband

She describes 'manipulative' revelations, blessings from Brian David Mitchell

Published: Friday, Nov. 19 2010 7:00 a.m. MST

Editor's note: Deseret News reporters have provided line by line transcripts of much of Wanda Barzee's testimony. This is her testimony from Friday.

SALT LAKE CITY — Wanda Barzee returned to the witness stand Friday to testify in her husband's kidnapping trial. He is accused of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart. Court resumed at 8:34 a.m.

Clerk: All rise please. Court is in session you may be seated.

Judge: We're here in the case of United States v. Brian David Mitchell. The United States is represented by Felice Viti, Diana Hagen and David Backman. The defendant is present, represented by his counsel Robert Steele, Wendy Lewis, Parker Douglas and Audrey Cook. Sorry. Audrey James. I guess you can call me whatever you want. Let's get the jury.

Clerk: Please rise for the jury.

(Jury enters courtroom at 8:37 a.m.)

Clerk: You may be seated.

Judge: Good morning ladies and gentleman of the jury. Thank you for being here promptly. We appreciate your work. Mr. Mitchell you have constitutional right to be present unless you waive that right and continue to sing. (Mitchell is singing Christmas carols.) We'll ask that he be removed to the room where he can see and hear us. We'll proceed as soon as Mr. Mitchell gets to the room where he can see and hear us and Ms. Barzee is brought in. You will resume the stand, Ms. Barzee and you are still under oath. You may proceed Mr. Steele.

Defense attorney Robert Steele: Thank you your honor. Good morning Ms. Barzee.

Wanda Barzee: Good morning.

Steele: You currently are being treated for mental health problems?

Barzee: Yes.

Judge: Speak up and talk right into the microphone please.

Steele: What treatment are you getting?

Barzee: I see a weekly psychiatrist. I was on Zyprexa, an anti psychotic medication. I was on a anti-depressant in the morning and a sleeping pill at night.

Steele: Do you feel really good?

Barzee: The Zyprexa has been discontinued and I've been having trouble sleeping and I don't think the Trazadone is doing much good.

Steele: But you're feeling well this morning?

Barzee: Yes.

Steele: When that microphone makes that popping sound, you are sitting too close.

Barzee: OK.

Steele: You're not being held in prison in Utah?

Barzee: No.

Steele: Where are you being held?

Barzee: Cardedell Medical Center, Ft. Worth Texas.

Steele: You were arrested in March 2003?

Barzee: Yes.

Steele: How soon after were you treated for mental illness?

Barzee: I was told I had a mental illness, but I didn't see it at the time. It think I was at the Utah State Hospital about six years before I started talking an anti-psychotic and that's when I became competent.

Steele: So that helped you?

Barzee: Yes.

Steele: What other support did you receive at Utah State Hospital?

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