High school football: Duchesne crushes Altamont

By Kesha Lowe

For the Deseret News

Published: Saturday, Oct. 23 2010 1:18 a.m. MDT

The Duchesne Eagle's came face to face with rival Altamont Longhorns Friday night for the Eagle's last home game. Duchesne defeated Altamont 26-0, leaving the longhorns with only one loss for the season.

"We came out ready to go and we out hit and out hustled," said quarterback Shad Thomas. The Eagles defense stayed strong throughout the game. Sophomore lineman Wade Shepard stepped in for senior lineman Grant Marett on offense.

In the first quarter, Jerry Ginn scored the first touchdown of the game for the Eagles. Ginn came through later in the game with another touchdown. "We all thought Jerry was down, but the next thing we knew he scored," said senior Eagle running back Devin Fabrizio.

The Eagles scored four touchdowns: Ginn scored two, and both Macoy Young and Braiden Despain made their way into the end zone. "Our coaches had us super prepared, ready for anything they could throw at us," said Austin Atkinson, Eagle senior wide receiver.

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