Doug Robinson: Stadium is fielding money — from us

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 6 2007 12:07 a.m. MST

Utahns were promised economic development when they spent millions of dollars of public money to build the Salt Palace and the new-and-improved Salt Palace and host the Winter Olympic Games and build Franklin Covey Field. How have everyday Utahns benefited in any practical, tangible way from these investments? Utah has the fourth-largest burden of state and local taxes in the nation. Did you see your property tax notice this month?

Here's the way it works: Taxpayers foot the bill for publicly funded stadiums so a handful of people can make a lot of money and everyone else lives check to check.

If team owners and politicians (Gov. Jon Huntsman, Greg Curtis, John Valentine, Tom Dolan, etc.) are going to force their pet projects on us, they should at least stop insulting our intelligence by saying it will be good for economic development. It will be good for Dave Checketts.

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