Reader responses regarding "The Mormons" PBS series

Published: Thursday, May 3 2007 12:00 a.m. MDT

Here are Deseret Morning News reader responses regarding "The Mormons" PBS series. In messages where only an e-mail address was available and the message itself did not identify the writer, "no name" is noted.

I personally felt that the documentary was mediocre at best. It was not represented fairly in many areas, why didn't they interview a disfellowshipped and refellowshipped guy, why didn't they include someone who was ex'ed and refellowshipped again? They made it out like we were horrible, yet on the other hand they did represent some things VERY WELL. Why didn't they call the "Authors" what they were, "Anti-Mormons" or "LDS Authors".

Some of the things were very accurate, and some of the things were fuzzy. Joseph Smith being called a man with a huge sexual appetite with many promiscuities. Why didn't they name those he had affairs with? It's the same old story with the "Anti's" as always, accusations without facts. Scale of 1-10, about a 3.5! — Keith Wilson

I was inspired...As a mostly inactive member in the church, yet believing member. Somewhat focused on to much on controversy, would have liked to see all the positive. — Mel Shepherd

I thought it shed some good light on the church, however, I also thought there was too much time given to that bitter woman who was excommunicated. — no name

Considering the program: They left out the greatest proof of the Book of Mormon; the references to the "other sheep" found in John 10:16 and 3rd Nephi 15:21-24. As a missionary, we always showed these to people searching after the truth. — Ryder C. Waring, Holladay, Utah

As an active member of the "Mormon" church my feelings after watching the 4 hour segment is one of disappointment and sadness mixed with anger. Mostly of what has been omitted - the goodness of most church members - the fact that our Heavenly Father thru Jesus Christ is directing his work here on the earth - that thru the priesthood members can be blessed from Him according to their needs and faith - that many senior couples are using their retirement time and funds to further this work and help people of all nations and religions without expecting anything in return; and in many countries without mentioning religion - the mention of General Conferences twice yearly that encourage all that is good and can strengthen our lives - the hard work of young elders was negative and did not report any wonderful results of their labors except leaving doubts about everything connected with our "restored" church and its beauty. Having dissidents expressing their own unhappiness with the church - temple recommends and leaving the feeling that acquiring one is expecting too much of a member. This documentary only made me feel that the scriptures stating that the last days will be full of good vs. evil has certainly arrived. — Pat Dymock , Orem, Ut.

1. It was a dark presentation. Joseph spoke of light. The director didn't get it.

2. The 3 and 8 witnesses to the B of M were not mentioned. Why? Very important.

3. The Nauvoo Temple & the urgency those members felt to receive their endowments before the trek west, and the spiritual strength it gave them was not mentioned. No understanding!

4. The Mtn. Meadows Massacre was a terrible thing, but so was Haun's Mill. There is a great parallel therein, but no concern shown over the Missourians having to live with their atrocity. Only the Mormons. Why?

5. Pres. Hinckley stated "There is no such thing as a 'Fundamentalist Mormon'." The writers still used that term in the very next segment. My opinion is that more people will now believe polygamy is a part of the church. Note the response you had from Pat LoGiudice in the paper this morning.

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