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Krista Kelley


Krista Kelley

Brighton, Sr., OH

379 kills, 269 digs, 31 aces

1st team

Cassandra Ricketts

Brighton, Sr., OPP

290 kills, 55.5 blocks, 73 aces

Missy White

Brighton, Jr., S

898 assists, 56 blocks, 36 aces

Christy Carpenter

Lone Peak, Sr., OH

407 kills, hit .368

Katie Astle

Skyline, Sr., MB

245 kills, hit .369, 117 blocks

Analaine Pelaez

Fremont, Jr., OH

412 kills, 265 digs, 109 aces

Alisha King

Am. Fork, Sr., MB

Strong blocker, heads to Boise State



Kaili Aiono

Cottonwood, Jr., MB

266 kills, 221 blocks, 113 solo blocks

1st team

Melissa Fifita

Cottonwood, Jr., OH

61 solo blocks, 113 total blocks, 251 kills

Lori Wilson

Provo, Sr., OH

294 kills, 35 blocks, 189 digs

Christina Measom

Lehi, Sr., OH

Powerful hitter headed to BYU

Jaicee Kuresa

Mtn. Crest, Sr., OH

Averaged 21 kills per game

Casey Speredon

Granger, Sr., MB

414 kills, 101 blocks and 35 aces

Kristin Lemmert

Murray, Sr., S

Averaged 36, 2 aces per match



Mykelle Webster

Snow Canyon, Sr., S

131 assists, 15 kills, 38 digs at state

1st team

Liz McArthur

Snow Canyon, Jr., OH

76 kills, 10 blocks, 64 digs at state

Erica Park

Bear River, Sr., OH

343 kills, 126 digs, 42 aces

Samantha Misa

Dixie, Soph., MB

Averaged 15 kills, 10 blocks per match

Janelle Kendall

N. Sanpete, Sr., MB

451 kills, 50 solo and 66 block assists

Kimee Clark

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Dixie, Jr., S

Averaged 30 assists per match

Christine Morrill

Union, Sr., OH

Consistent hitter headed to USU



Heather Meyer

San Juan, Soph., OH

Averaged 12 kills, 2 blocks per game

1st team

Mandy Bradford

San Juan, Sr., MB

10 kills, 3 aces and 4 blocks per game

Aysia Shumway

San Juan, Sr., S

22 assists, 4 kills, 2 digs per game

Julianna Simon

Waterford, Sr., MB

Excellent passer, server and leader

Courtney Rognan

N. Summit, Sr., OH

41 kills, 56 digs at state tournament

Molly Jones

Rowland Hall, Sr., OH

Averages 18 kills, 9 blocks per match

Jessica Hunt

Enterprise, Jr., OH

248 kills, 196 digs, 110 blocks



Samantha Cornelison

Rich, Sr., MB/OH

Earned 920 kills, 808 digs in her career

1st team

Amanda Peart

Rich, Sr., OH

Averaged 13 kills, 39 K against Skyline

Anne Wilson

Rich, Sr., S

Enabled Rich to run quick offenses

Kristan Cornia

Rich, Sr., OH

Had 18 kills against Piute

Liz Randall

Monticello, Sr., OH

Averaged 11 kills, 4 aces per match

Stacy Stringham

Tabiona, Sr., OH/S

322 kills, 231 assists, 66 aces

Carly Barner

SL Lutheran Sr. OPP/S

229 kills, 174 assists, 59 digs