CAROLYN SOUTHWORTH; "At the End of the Day," (Heron's Point) *** 1/2

At age 53, pianist (and Brigham Young University graduate) Carolyn Southworth has fulfilled a dream by recording her first contemporary instrumental album, and it can stand alongside such new-age artists as David Lanz, Suzanne Ciani and Tingstad & Rumbel.

In fact, the album was produced by Lanz's producer/collaborator Paul Speer, and woodwinder Nancy Rumbel is featured on the album.

Southworth's piano is smooth, soothing and fresh from the opening title track to the reverent "Nocturne." Each work is melodic and catchy but also deep with emotion and musicality.

Soundscapes form musical images of overcoming trials with "Silver Lining," of dreams in "Once in a Lifetime" and of birds of prey soaring on a thermal in "Where Eagles Soar."

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A three works follow the turbulence and peace during and after blustery rains provided by "Anchor in the Storm," "In the Wake of the Storm" and "Island Sunrise."

Southworth also tips her hat to her Scottish heritage with the Celtic-flavored "Highlander," and touches on her Mormon lifestyle with "In My Fondest Dreams."

With "At the End of the Day," Southworth has created a CD that will appeal to fans of healing new-age music. But it also set the bar high for fans' expectations.

It will be interesting to hear what the future brings.