In response to Vardell Taylor (Readers' Forum, Sept. 19), more guns on campus in the hands of more students does not increase safety on campus. Instead it decreases safety by increasing the likelihood that a student with a concealed weapon will become angry or have a breakdown over not being allowed to take or failing a test or being told they are being dismissed from the university or not being allowed to turn in an assignment late — and then decides to take the life of a professor or adviser, as has happened in the majority of university shootings. More concealed weapons will not prevent this. Instead, it could result in more deaths as a result of students or faculty deciding to take the enforcement of the law into their hands.

Judges, professors and legislators don't feel safer knowing that the people whose lives are affected by their decisions have concealed weapons on them at the time the decision is being made. Their sense of safety comes from knowing that court, campus and Capitol police are on their way, and that if they remain in hiding, the situation will be defused.

Edward L. Lalone

Candidate for Utah House District 60