Loser: Lou Dobbs and CNN have yet to explain why they think The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (owners of this newspaper) would want to encourage Mexican immigration to Utah, or why Dobbs said Mexican President Vicente Fox came here this week to reward Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.'s "avid" support for amnesty.

Given facts generally known in Utah, particularly concerning the church and its position encouraging members to build up congregations in their home countries, such sloppy reporting did nothing to help the network's reputation here.

Winner: Kendall Collins and Pedro Matheu were featured in this newspaper this week for getting ready to graduate from Utah high schools. What's the hook? They're both evacuees from Hurricane Katrina who have had to start new lives here with their families, and without their old friends. They also have a newfound focus on education they might not have achieved had they stayed in New Orleans. Life can be funny that way.

Loser: Dell Schanze seemed perplexed this week as to why he seems to attract so much attention all the time. We're fairly certain it's not an obsession on the part of the public. It may, however, have something to do with the way he keeps shoving himself into the news, such as when he flew an ultralight aircraft at a low altitude near (and perhaps over) I-15 during rush hour this week. We're also fairly certain the public is happy to ignore him for awhile so authorities can decide what to do next.