I would like to commend those individuals who have taken the time to get informed about and involved in defeating Senate Bill 170. It takes time and courage to speak out. SB170 puts developers in the driver's seat and specifically kills public participation, referendum and the representative process as we know it. It should not pass.

It is disappointing that such transparent legislation would even be introduced. It is clearly an attempt by development interests to tip the balance of equal representation and get unfettered rights to development and profit within the state of Utah. There appears to be little concern for effects on other private-property owners, quality of life and the environment.

It's nice to know that Utah has become such a hot spot for growth and opportunity. However, there should be no compromise on legislation that would diminish the ability of elected officials and citizens to vote on and influence land-use decisions, just because a few well-connected and well-financed developers did not get their way in all situations, like in Summit County and Bluffdale. Without citizen involvement in Draper, we would not have preserved Corner Canyon. It would be thoroughly paved over and up in homes by now.

I recommend our Legislature protect basic citizen rights and not approve SB170 or anything like it. If anything, there needs to be tougher standards governing development in sensitive areas such as hillsides and in geologic hazard areas.

Summer Pugh