Former state Sen. James Evans and Salt Lake County GOP chairman calls my party "socialist." Does socialism mean believing in giving a quality public education to all of Utah's children or a wage that allows a person to take care of his or her family adequately? Does it mean allowing everyone to be treated fairly or to not have to live in fear because of one's race, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation?

These issues are not socialist. They are Democratic. And they are the reasons that I am a Democrat.

How can Mr. Evans say my party "lacks divergent viewpoints"? My party did not recently try to oust one of its members because he actively spoke out against its leaders. Instead of bickering amongst ourselves, we will spend our time explaining to citizens that Democratic values are Utah values.

Also, we are going continue to win more elections, seat by seat. Mr. Evans attempts to simply label the Democratic Party because he has no real arguments. Obviously, with his recent loss, he has already forgotten how well a true form of democracy works.

Megan Risbon


Salt Lake County Democratic Party