In his letter of March 24, Robert Burton raises several questions about Craig Axford's candidacy for state chairman and the Utah Democratic Progressive Caucus.

First, the Democratic Party is an inclusive one. As we strive to grow our numbers, we will likely attract members from other parties. I know many independents and former Republicans who are making important contributions within the party.

Next, in 2004, Congressman Jim Matheson introduced "The Safety for Americans from Nuclear Weapons Testing Act." Early last year, the UDPC joined with downwinders to assist Matheson in this effort. We are working hard to build support for this very important legislation. While we may not agree on all issues, the UDPC has supported Congressman Matheson, thanks to his tireless and outstanding effort to end the threat of renewed nuclear testing.

Lastly, as the co-chairman of the UDPC and candidate for Democratic Party vice chairman, I can assure all delegates that Axford and I will continue to seek unity in the party on myriad issues in which Democrats can agree.

Laura Bonham


Utah Democratic Progressive Caucus