PROVO — A police officer shot and killed two pit bulls that were being aggressive toward him Thursday afternoon.

About 1 p.m., a man called police because the dogs were running loose. The pit bulls showed their teeth and growled at the man and his daughter. The man said he struck one of the dogs to prevent an attack, a Provo police statement said. The man and his daughter then fled to an apartment near 750 West and 650 South.

An officer walked through the area and found the dogs, which were aggressive toward him, the statement said. He went to his patrol car to get some equipment to secure the animals.

"By the time he was able to get the equipment, the animals were coming at him, and he felt that his safety was in jeopardy because the animals were showing teeth, growling, charging and snapping at him," the statement said.

The officer threw his gloves in an attempt to distract the dogs so he could get away. The animals continued to be aggressive. One dog was "only a few feet away," and the officer shot the first dog with two rounds. The second dog was circling around to come toward the officer from behind. The officer turned and shot that dog once, the statement said.

The Utah County Attorney's Office is reviewing the shootings, the statement said.