The effort to ban smoking in private clubs and taverns will receive another public airing today before a legislative committee, after Tuesday's discussion ran over time.

SB77 by Sen. Michael Waddoups, R-Taylorsville will be heard before the House Business and Labor committee at 4 p.m.

The measure seeks to remove current exemptions to Utah's Indoor Clean Air Act that permit smoking in private clubs and taverns.

Waddoups say those exemptions permit a health hazard to non-smoking patrons of the establishments, employees, musicians and other performers who shouldn't have to endure the harmful effects of another's habit.

The measure brought supportive testimony from Miss Utah USA Marin Poole, who said operators use the 'outdated' term of private in Utah's liquor laws to allow indulgence in the habit.

Arguing the clubs are not really "private," Poole said non-smokers choose not to patronize establishments because smoking is allowed, not necessarily because they are private.

But Utah Hospitality Association spokesman Steve Barth said that characterization would pique the interest of many club owners who have to abide by strict standards imposed by state alcohol regulators.

"You have to sign up, you have to pay membership fees. You have to choose to be there."

Barth said establishments can already ban smoking and the decision should be market driven.