It's the first time "Pride and Prejudice" has come to the big screen since 1940 — only this time there's a twist.

"We've used an LDS setting and an LDS cultural backdrop to tell that story, and it's worked really well," said Jason Faller, who produced "Pride & Prejudice: A Utah Comedy."

"It has a universal appeal of a story that so many know and love," said Faller.

Filmed primarily in Utah — with some scenes shot in London and Las Vegas — "Pride & Prejudice" follows the story of Elizabeth Bennet (Kam Heskin), a Brigham Young University student determined to remain single.

As in Jane Austen's classic novel, Elizabeth receives attention from two suitors, Will Darcy (Orlando Seale) and George Wickham (Henry Maguire) and must choose where her heart lies.

Kynan Griffin, production manager for "Pride & Prejudice," said, "I think the attraction for 'Pride & Prejudice' will be that, as with the book, thousands of young girls and women of all ages have related to Elizabeth Bennet as the central character.

"She's a very strong-minded woman; a very strong female character, which we don't see in a lot of films — and I think we haven't seen very much in LDS films, either."

Griffin added, "For guys, it's important to see characters who are intelligent, who are moral, good people making good choices and still living wonderful lives. And it's got a lot of comedy, got a lot of romance, got car chases — it's packed full of entertainment."

While "Pride & Prejudice" is one of many LDS-genre films that have come to theaters in recent months, Griffin and Faller — who, with Daniel Shanthakumar founded the production company Camera 40 Productions — are confident about the potential for success with their film.

"Visually, it's pretty spectacular," said Griffin. "Everything about the film is just fun: the characters, the colors, the story. It's all aimed at just having a good experience."

"This is first and foremost a movie about people, which people should love," Faller added. "It has two sides, the comedy side, so (people) can go to it and laugh, and there's the dramatic side, so they can go for just a great story."

"Pride and Prejudice" is directed by Andrew Black, an award-winning BYU film student from Scotland. "American Idol" finalist Carmen Rasmusen makes a cameo appearance.