Utah man says he's seen Bigfoot 9 times since '68

Published: Saturday, June 7 1997 12:00 a.m. MDT

"You'd think after 40 years with all these people (searching) and hunters trying to shoot Sasquatch that they would have found it by now," Lapseritis said. "The established science says that's because it doesn't exist. But there is an interdimensional aspect to Bigfoot, and it's not something that's hokey. It's the answer."

As luck would have it, Mower has never had a camera with him during his nine Bigfoot sightings, although he now carries one with him more often.

"Maybe with a camera I'd never see him," he offered.

Mower describes Bigfoot as very tall, 7-foot-plus and more slender than most artists' conceptions. They're black in color, sometimes with a hint of red. They have a very humanlike face, although it is thick with hair, Mower said.

Most of the creatures Mower has seen have looked back at him with what he calls a "What-do-you-want?" stare. And while they've watched his every move, Mower said they otherwise don't seem all that concerned with his presence.

"You parallel each other," Mower explained. "When I'm with them I want to learn more, not run or hide. . . . For that bit of time, you're content with what you've got."

He said he's hunted bear, cougar and other big game, but there's nothing like a Bigfoot - nor the overwhelming body odor that accompanies them.

Despite the fear associated with the sightings, Mower said the experiences always make him want to seek after the creature. It's a mixture of fright and curiosity.

"I'm not afraid to go into the woods," he said.

Mower hasn't seen a Sasquatch for seven years now. He attributes the lapse to various circumstances. His wife, Diane, died in January, and Mower spent less time in the mountains during her long battle with cancer.

Mower, however, believes the creature has been nearby on several occasions and at least once came close to his home. In those instances, Mower's dog behaved the same way he did when the two encountered Bigfoot in the mountains.

Mower lives in an Orangeville neighborhood near the foothills of the Manti-LaSal Mountains. Has Bigfoot followed him home? Mower thinks so, but isn't sure how.

What's Mower's best advice for getting your own glimpse of Bigfoot? He recommends being very observant and listening to your feelings in the woods.

"I believe some people may see Bigfoot and not recognize him," Mower said. "They shrug it off."

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