Utah man says he's seen Bigfoot 9 times since '68

Published: Saturday, June 7 1997 12:00 a.m. MDT

He also believes Bigfoot to be very intelligent.

"He, she or it are very perceptive," he said. "They know our intentions."

Layton said the number of sightings Mower has reported is incredible, but feels Mower is more than just lucky. Layton believes Mower has been singled out by the creatures for some unknown reason. He also says he suspects the creatures may be telepathic.

Much of the discussion scheduled for the fifth annual International Sasquatch Symposium will explore the creature's possible connection with UFOs, other dimensions and telepathic communication.

John Cotton, vice president of the Canadian Society of Questers, believes Bigfoot is from another reality - another dimension or parallel universe.

"They don't die here. They don't belong here," he said. "The Sasquatch come here because they are the teachers of the shamans. Wherever you find shamans or native people you will find Sasquatch. My title for them is `hairy angels.' They are purveyors of knowledge."

Mower, Layton, Lapseritis and Cotton will speak at the three-day conference, which began Friday and will end Sunday at Vancouver's Pacific Space Centre. Mower will recount his nine Bigfoot experiences in detail.

All of Mower's sightings, he says, have taken place in two basic areas - the High Uintas (south of Kings Peak) and the Manti-LaSal Mountains (about 25 miles from his Orangeville home).

Layton hopes to venture with Mower and professional photographer Larry Jones into those areas later this year. Layton admits they may see or find nothing but hopes Mower's presence will coax Bigfoot out of hiding.

"Other folks down here have seen things too, but they don't want to talk about it," Mower said.

He said a former game warden in the Orangeville area saw plenty of Bigfoot evidence during his long career but didn't talk about it much for fear of ridicule.

Mower is calm, conservative and factual when he talks about his Bigfoot experiences. He recently recounted his adventures to a dozen people gathered at a "Bigfoot party" in Liberty, Weber County.

While all nine experiences have been startling for him, some were more frightening than others. He believes some Sasquatches radiate evil. Others just appear curious.

Mower said his companions have been more frightened by Bigfoot. Some of his relatives have trembled during their joint sightings. His dog cowers and hides, while his horses stand there and shake, he said.

If you see a Bigfoot with red eyes, Mower advises, it's best to stay away. Those are the ones he believes may have less-than-peaceful intentions.

Mower has been armed with a rifle during most of his Bigfoot experiences, but he said he's never considered using it. The creatures haven't directly threatened him, he says.

Mower is an avid hunter and fisherman, hobbies that have contributed to his many encounters. Still, he says, he doesn't find Bigfoot. They seem to find him when he's least expecting it.

"They choose the time for when you can see them," he said. "I've never really hunted for one."

Cotton, who believes in reincarnation, said Mower may have been a shaman in a previous lifetime and has retained that connection with Bigfoot.

Mower is not sure but suspects there may be some kind of barrier that prevents the creatures from being seen. "It's a veil. When it opens, you'll see. Out of the blue he'll be there and just as quickly he'll be gone."

He said he's watched Bigfoot cover steep ground gracefully, like big game animals, and usually the creature vanishes into the cover of the forest.

Lapseritis, however, said Big-foot can literally disappear into thin air. He said he has documented no less than 69 eyewitness accounts of Bigfoot's vanishing act.

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