Published: Wednesday, Sept. 14 1994 12:00 a.m. MDT

At the Tilt game room at Fort Worth's Hulen Mall, the game is barely used.

"Kids just don't play it that much anymore," said assistant manager Brandon Theum. "The graphics aren't as good and the characters are too slow."

Robert Ross, manager of Putt-Putt Golf and Games in nearby Arlington, disagrees. "Some kids still play it," he said. "When their parents let 'em."

So will "Mortal Kombat II's" buzz die, now that it's available for home kombatters?

"Doubt it," said Sean Harms, 21, of Fort Worth. "Sure, I'm going to buy the home version of it, but it's impossible to completely reproduce every little thing. And those little things are what make the arcade game so special."

If the buzz does die, chances are it will be revitalized next year, when New Line Cinema plans to release "Mortal Kombat - The Movie," a full-length feature film based on the two games and characters. The movie is being filmed in Thailand and is set for release in mid-1995.

The big question: Will there be a "Mortal Kombat III"?

"It's very much like the movie industry. We like to keep people guessing," said Mills.

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